Your assistance in helping to ensure the safety and protection of students is greatly appreciated.  The following information is provided for your review:

  • R. E. Tobler ES is a closed campus; therefore, only students may enter through the gates each morning (beginning at 8:35).

  • When the bell rings at 8:35 a.m., students join their teachers at the designated dots painted on the blacktop. After our morning ceremony (music, The Pledge of Allegiance, announcements, etc.), students are offered breakfast, free of charge, as part of a state-funded program. Instruction begins promptly at 9:00 a.m. for grades K-5. Students who are not in their classroom by 9:00 a.m. are missing instruction and will, therefore, be marked tardy. Please make every effort to ensure your children arrive to school on time. 

  • Students are dismissed at 3:11 p.m. (meaning instruction continues until 3:11). At 3:11, students pack up and teachers walk their students out of the school toward their assigned exit gates. Unless attending Safekey, students must leave campus promptly at dismissal. 

Arrival and Dismissal Gates

  • Unless otherwise notified, the arrival and dismissal gates are assigned as follows:

    • Kindergarten- the two gates on the kinder play area

    • 1st & 2nd grades- the north gate (connected to the adjoining park)

    • 3rd & 5th grades- the south gate (on Buckskin)

    • 4th Grade- the east gate (on Torrey Pines near the small cafeteria parking area)

  • Parents meet students outside the school fences at their child’s assigned gate.

    • If you have more than one child attending RET, we suggest the older siblings make their way to the youngest child’s assigned dismissal gate.

  • Please join us in reminding students to be ultra-aware of traffic during arrival and dismissal times and to follow all safety rules. For example, use extreme caution near busses, cross the road at intersections and/or designated crosswalks, and look both ways before stepping into the road/parking lot/driveway areas.

  • Parents are asked to park their vehicles safely and legally, then meet their child in a designated location; please do not park or leave cars unattended at red curbs or blocking other traffic. Also, please be considerate of our neighbors’ properties and leave access areas unblocked.

Late Pick-Ups

  • If you are unable to consistently pick-up your child on time, please enroll him/her in Safekey; the front office cannot safely accommodate students after school.

    • If your child is not picked up within several minutes after dismissal, we will log the occurrence into your child’s Infinite Campus record and follow CCSD’s After-School Care Process.