We encourage and welcome parents or other interested persons to serve as school volunteers. We need your support, time and talents to make your child’s school year the best. Volunteers enrich our school program by freeing the teacher from non-teaching tasks, such as copying materials or helping create bulletin boards. We need volunteers on the playground and in the lunchroom. During the school year we have special days or parties when volunteers are especially helpful. All volunteers will now be required to fill out a background check form prior to having any contact with the students. This is a new district policy. The following parent volunteer guidelines are provided for your information:

  • Like teachers, volunteers should come to the school cheerful and in good health.

  • Volunteers should present an appropriate appearance for the school atmosphere and dress accordingly. As a minimum, volunteers in the school must meet the CCSD dress code required of students.

  • Due to the distraction of students during instructional time, non-school aged children are not permitted in classrooms and learning areas on a regular basis.

  • Volunteers should maintain confidentiality at all times and should not discuss students outside the classroom. The teacher or principal must handle any communication between the school and home concerning the progress or behavior of a student.

  • Volunteers need to check in at the office upon each visit to obtain an identification badge. It should be worn so it can easily be seen. Remember to return to the office to sign out at the end of the day/visit.

  • CCSD cares about the safety of your children so they require any volunteer to complete a background check and get finger printed. If you would like to volunteer please click on the "Apply Today" button below and apply online with CCSD to get the background check process started.